726 SQ. FT. (Habitat)

1. I redrew this plan (from pencil to CAD) for a woman and in the process reduced the footprint from 27 feet by 37 feet to 24' x 36' thus reducing the inside floor area from 850 sq. ft. to 726 sq. ft. A good rule of thumb is too keep the foundation dimensions in even numbers and wall length a multiple of average bale length.

2. In the process, I discovered a way to improve the original plan by improving the bathroom/utility layout. (Redrawing a plan, especially from pencil to CAD, often results in new insights and a better plan. The bath now is turned to face the south wall, with the utilities lined on the hallway. To make it work, the size of the kitchen/dining/living area is slightly reduced in size, and the side by side washer/dryer must be replaced by a stacking washer/dryer or just a washer for those who use clothes lines.

3. The plan is so simple and straight forward that little explanation is required but I would like to point out the following.

a. The plumbing arrangement with the bath and kitchen on the south wall, makes it easy to direct "grey water" to the outside planters. The garden can be sized to to efficiently use grey water from the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the bathtub and the washer...a lot of recycled water.

b. With the bath and kitchen on the south side, this plan is well suited to passive solar as both rooms contain large amounts of uncovered thermal mass that can store large amounts of heat. I would consider heavy tile in the bath/utility and living areas, with carpet in the northside bedrooms.

4. Included here is the original pencil drawing which really doesn't work with the washer/ dryer in the bathroom, and no room for a furnace. The redrawn plan can be enlarged by adding a half or full bale lenght to the east/west walls, making more room in the living areas and/or the bedrooms.

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