912 sq. ft. Modular, two bedroom one bath.
This plan was originally developed in an attempt to create a modular structure that could be built in three section off site and moved to the site for assembly. Many of the state prison systems are developing programs to involve inmates in the construction process, and this could be such a program. The center section was intended to be the wet unit containing all plumbing, the two end units dry. The center wet unit could be build off site in a prison, Habitat for Humanity (or other program), perhaps inside a climate controled building for all season efficiency. The end units could be built on or off site. The plan as shown is modified and intended to be build entirely onsite over a crawl space or on a slab foundation.

The success of this plan lies in the off setting of the three equal sized rectangular units creating an interesting saw tooth footprint and circulation pattern allowing circular movement though the house without backtracking. The plumbing system is very efficient with the "utility hall" located between the kitchen and the bath. Note that both bedrooms even though at opposite ends of the house have good access to the bath or back door (through the utility hall) but also direct access to the living areas.

Obviouly, the challenge here is the roof. If the same space were contained in a simple rectangle, a simple shed, gable or even hip roof could be used. But because of the complex footprint, the roof will probably be more complex and a bit more expensive. I can see a shed roof over each of the sections running either the long or short direction with clearstory windows above allowing flexibility in the orientation of the house with reference to the sun. Or perhaps a roof supported on an exterior post and beam system similar to that used on plan 1190 eyelash. Or in the proper climate, a "flat" roof sloping slightly to the north with parapets for a southwest look.

Here is a recent email comment on this plan. (April, 2004)[912 sq. ft. (Modular) I really love this design, and for me I'd want to modify it a bit. I'd like a dining room off the kitchen, moving the living room to where the east bedroom is now, and placing a dining room where the living room is. Then where the table is, in the kitchen, I can put in more kitchen because I have tons of kitchen things, and spend a good deal of time in the kitchen. I might put outdoor areas to even out the footprint to a square, solving the roof problem. I'd like to have solar heating on the south-facing slope of the roof. Great website! Thanks so much! Connie

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