NOTES ON PLAN 895 SQ. FT. (SPIRAL), two bedrooms, one bath.


1. This plan is based on a "spiral" or sea shell shape, allowing a south facing patio with a covered entry.

2. With 51 more square feet than BASIC house 844, this plan has one less bedroom, because of space used for the entry, the walk through laundry/utility room, circulation space and a larger kitchen. This complex shape will be more expensive and difficult to build than a rectangular house of the dame size.

3. The bank of gently curved south facing windows allow adequate solar warming and a pleasant kitchen, dining, living area. Roof openings over the patio with an arbor of vines filters harsh winter sun and shades summer sun. Potted plants on the patio and siting wall are visible from the living areas.

4. That portion of the patio above the entry steps and adjacent to the entry door, can be fully covered for protection from the elements without shielding the winter afternoon sun from the living areas.

5. Even though the bedroom doors open directly into the living space, the beds can not be seen from the public areas. Screens placed behind the lounges may aid privacy. The bathroom is accessed from the "utility" room for additional privacy.

6. The kitchen counters and cabinets on the outside curved wall will be more difficult and costly to build than on an straignt interior frame wall. Also, the eating bar, being a wedge shape, would require custom work. (I have an optional kitchen design which eliminate these problems.)

7. The wall facing the front entry is an ideal place for special display items and books, but could also include a small free standing entry closet.

8. The pass through utility room may include shelving storage, washer/dryer, furnace, hot water heater, battery storage, etc., depending on your needs.

9. The roof could be built as a modified cone, with or without a copula. It could also be flat roofed with or without overhangs and parapets, or a simple shed roof angled from south to north.

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