836 SQ. FT. (watermellon)

1. This plan evolved from the realization that round houses, though harder to build and use, have an appeal worth pursuing. I found that by opening the circle and adding a rectangular section, a very usefull shape is crated. This 836 sq. ft. design uses a 12' radius with a 16' by 24' rectangular center secion. As usual, it represents the smallest usable interior space for this plan.
At $10 per square foot, the material cost is under $8,500.

2. One key to this plan is the angled interior walls crossing the center points of the radius creating pie shaped back rooms, with the south side opened up for living areas and solar exposure. The strip kitchen consumes very little space, is efficient, easy to construct, and is backed up to the bathroom and utility room for low cost plumbing.

3. The dining table sits in front of a south facing sliding glass (or french) door leading to an optional "green house"...and is separated from the living area by a large planter...which could be gray water fed. The sitting area (with or without an "entertainment center") is small but efficient with storage under the build in seating. A Dutch door leads out to a protected porch swing.

4. Small bedrooms are pie shaped with the closets on the interior walls for sound insulation. The nicely rounded exterior walls are free to be enjoyed. I show futon mats on raised platforms with storage under. The bath is large, interesting and pleasant, with direct access to the utility room...which could be another bedroom...with some modifications.

5. A (relatively simple) hip roof supported on an exterior post and beam system creates covered entries on the south corners...a protected area for a hot tub on the north/west corner near the plumbing...and a protected work/garden area on the other north corner. The north door is more than a "back door" but another pleasant entry, providing good access to the kitchen, bath, bedroom and living areas.

6. This plan is not readily expandable but could be stacked in two or three levels with interior (shown) or exterior stairs. With one level, any garage, addition or other out building should be a separate stucture of some contrasting shape (footprint) connected by a breezeway through the "back" door. The plan is well suited to a greenhouse attachment on the south side as shown.

7. For those prefering a larger and private kitchen, use the "utility" room area as a "V" shaped kitchen. This releases space for display, storage, books in the area that is now strip kitchen, and opens more space for the dining area. I've drawn it up...it works fine.

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