750 SQ. FT. (cube)

Note: The plan at left is a revision reflecting the text to follow.

This plan evolved from plan 705 above. It is very similar but slightly larger, with a separate utility hall, and a larger kitchen. It is probably a better plan all around, with a simpler roof, and the posibility of a second level as shown in the elevation. It can be built as shown with the utilities in the full basement and a nice large loft up, or it can be built as a one level with the utilities in the hall closet, and the washer dryer in the kitchen.

I recently revised this plan from the original hand drawing for a Gentleman who is developing an interest in the plan. As usual, it is a much better plan now...as the result of another revision. And I got an e-mail message from a woman who wants me to reverse the bath and the kitchen. Not a bad idea, that way the kitchen will have two window for better light and view, and one bedroom will have the potential of direct access to the bath. Now if I can just find the time to do it... But it will be a long haul from the kitchen to the dining table. Oh, well. Just realized that the kitchen should be where the east bedroom is with the bedroom at the other end and the bath in the middle! Studid!

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