1. This plan evolved from the Circle, to the Eye, to this, the Diamond. It is a break from the usual rectangle, and without the round walls of the Eye. The advantages are, aside from the novelty, a relatively long south (and near south) face for passive solar (with some shading required), and walls angled back to the north, reducing the winter shade zone. The unusual footprint calls for a complex roof. The question is...does the shape...and all it represents...the energy field it creates...justify the extra complexity (and probably expense) of a more complex roof. People build boxes because they are easy...not a bad reason...we don't want complexity for the sake of complexity...their must be some compeling reason. Novelty is fine in a Hawaiian shirt but in a house you better have good reasons.

3. The floor plan itself, again is novel, with bedrooms at each corner rather than grouped as is usual. And one must walk through public areas to access them. But still, the house has a charm that is hard (for me) to explain. The bath is a triangular shape with room for a nice shower, but not a tub. It is entered through the utility room which serves as a hallway to the bath for needed privacy in a small open house. The walk through strip kitchen with an rear exit door and wrap around counter is simple, efficient and charming. Open the kitchen door while cooking for light, air, ventilation and views.

4. The open shared living area, like the house, is diamond in shape with a seating area on one end, a dining table on the other and room for a wood burning stove and storage near the entry. The long glass entry is protected by the roof overhang. Windows facing three directions is a subtle plus.

5. This plan may be an example of what not to do...it may be to complex for its size, to novel...overworked...but then, it is a diamond, a jewel, a nugget of design. Look back at plan 680...that may be the way to go in this size range.

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