PLAN 680 SQ. FT. (GUESTHOUSE), one level, two bedroom, one bath.

1. This plan is a major simplification of the two level plan 868. By placing the second level bedrooms and bath on the north side first level, the second level is eliminated completely and you save 188 sq. ft. The one level house is not as interesting and complex visually but possesses a charming order and simplicity, and will be simpler and cheaper to build.

2. The kitchen, dining and living areas are identical to the two level version. The two bedrooms are identical in size and shape but are accessed directly through the north hallway which also serves as the bathroom vanity. A key to this plan is the vanity in the hallway, freeing up space in the bathroom for a closet in the "master bedroom". This arrangement works well and may be improved with a privacy curtain. A negative result is the elimination of the rear entry.

3. The south facing entry/greenhouse extension is retained, the small greenhouse using space that was for the staircase in the two level version.

4. If this plan has sufficient room for you, and cost is an issue, a low gable roof on the east/west axis will be economical, a shed roof even better. If more room is needed, consider using a 12/12 gable on the north/south axis, creating a large loft above to be accessed by the staircase as shown or by ladder.

5. Consider a garage, carport, studio or other addition on the east side. The recessed entry could then be closed in to form a solar mudroom, entry, hallway with good access to the original and the new addition. To make it work even better, in the original construction, put an exterior door in the master bedroom in place of the east window, improving circulation in the new addition. Obviously, the plan can be reversed to put the addition on the west to block summer afternoon sun, and shield north/west winds.

6. In order to create a small economical house, this plan is based on a 10' by 10' module, but the same basic plan could be designed on a 11, 12 foot, or larger module for more elbow room (luxury) in all of the living areas and at considerably greater expense. Assuming (for example) costs of $30 per square foot, the 10' module would cost about (680 sq. ft. x $30) $20,400 vs. (912 sq. ft. x $30) $27,400 for the 12 foot module. The $7,000 difference is a 35 percent increase. In reality, the cost per square foot would likely be higher for the smaller version.

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comments: 680 sq. ft. I like the layout of this house. The working triangle in the kitchen is tucked to the side of the major travel areas (center of the house). The bedrooms are located beside the bathroom for convenience. The living room seems to be a decent size. One criticism is the hallway area between the two bedrooms could be reduced a bit. Very good layout!!

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