630 SQ FT


Several things are happening here.

1. The plan is one room deep...allowing light and air penetration from the north and south and potentially three sides on the ends. Windows have been withheld on the East/West ends to keep out summer sun.

2. The plan is designed as a string of repeating shapes...each containing south facing planting areas. The shapes are coil like with radically curved straw bale walls (because they can be, and because the curves sthrengthen the walls)...connected on the south face with short sections of straight frame walls...suporting doors for access and ventilation.

3. The house is covered with a simple shed roof supported by an exterior post and beam framework...allowing wall raising (enjoy the roofed outdoor space for a while first)...with minimal bale notching. The curvature of the walls creates protected entry's under the shed roof, front and rear.

4. I particularly like the circulation plan...basically an open east/west corridor through the house with use areas on either side much like that found in the "earthship" design. This is make possible in this house by the bathroom being divided into two parts, with access from the pass through hall.

5. As needed and resources allow, add bedrooms or other use areas north of the main building with access through the back door. Shown are Yurt bedroom and/or study rooms.

6. Though the plan is very small...planting areas are provided in all rooms and visible from most locations in the house. Note that all planting areas feature optional opening (french) doors for superior ventilation...and an open, airy feeling for both plant and human occupants.

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