PLAN 1034, EYE...Three bedrooms, one bath. (alternative)

  • This is definitely not a simple basic habitat house unless someone figures out a way to build an inexpensive roof on it. It evolved from a circle to an "eye" to an eye with a protected south facing patio. A south facing curved wall of windows floods the living areas with light, and winter solar gain. Two end bedrooms access the large lovely patio. I see lots of potted flowers and plants on the patio visible from the main living areas.

  • The strip kitchen with island is large and efficient, taking up very little space for its function. The dining and lounging areas though not private, are well balanced, open, airy, and light filled. The wall facing the loung area has plenty of room for "entertainment center", books, display, or even a staircase up to a loft or another level.

  • The plan can be built with two small bathrooms, one public, accessed from the mud room, and one off the "master bedroom" or as in this version, with one bathroom and a large walk in closet. With a small family, this arrangement would save money without sacrificing the master bedroom concept.

  • The mud/utility room, with an extra closet and garden storage can house the washer/dryer, or they can go in the kitchen as shown here. The garage could be a separate building out the back door, or a carport attached to the north east or north west wall.

  • One key to this house is the roof design. It would look great with a low thatched cone roof extending down over the corner bedrooms (with a center support as shown), and an open trellis over the patio, admitting winter sun and excluding summer glare. More likely it will be build with a gable over the main section, with hip corners over the east and west ends, and shed extentions. (see rendering). Or a southwest "flat" roof with parapets would look great once we figure out the framing and sealing) details.

  • The west "bedroom" is likely to be used as a studio, office, or work room because of its distance from the bathroom, and its lovely view of the patio, a great place to work.

  • As with the other "eye" designs, winter sun will penetrate to the back yard of the house to melt snow build up with very little winter shadow.

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